Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gregory Brill on Indian Outsourcers

Greogory has some points about Indian Outsourcers! Read on...

Some points are as below:

  • ...Indian outsourcers instead take junior people, bill them as “senior” and/or have someone other than the senior person they show to their client actually working on the project…hence, that and other failings in their business model results in them taking 8 times longer.
  • With that said, let’s make a CLEAR distinction between Indian outsourcing companies like Wipro and TaTa and people of Indian descent.
  • ...the reason we went directly to India ourselves and invested in starting our own Indian subsidiary instead of partnering with an outsourcer was *precisely* because we believed Indian talent to be on-par with anywhere else. We believed their efficiencies where obstructed because of the big outsourcer/middleman in the middle...
  • ...I never said Indian development didn’t work, I said Indian outsourcing companies don’t work.
  • ... A business process typically employed by Indian outsourcers is to offer extremely low rates to start, but then increase them substantially once a dependency is established.
  • ...Maintenance/migration/administration work great…but sophisticated projects rarely succeed (or, if they succeed, they don’t do so with the savings promised).

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