Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bill Gates on Software Testing

I don't know when did he say but it is good to know the importance of testing explained by Bill Gates as follows:

"50% of my company employees are testers, and the rest spend 50% of their time testing!”
- Bill Gates, 1995


Pradeep Soundararajan said...

In Microsoft, every tester was a programmer and hence instead of saying, "all our employees are programmers" he might have said that which still means the same.

Microsoft recently is changing strategy by people like Alan Page!

Shrini Kulkarni said...

One thing that can be surely said about Microsoft is there is a good amount of focus on testing.

I worked there - my opinions are based on my exp there.

It is a different matter that their model of testing relies heavily on "programming".

Things are changing as pradeep mentioned -- people like Alan, Michael Hunter, there is a wind of change blowing towards a more comprehensive testing approach than a narrow programmer testing