Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's been long time I posted my first blog. It was about terms or jargons that I found when learning about software testing. Recently I have started reading some famous blogs on Software Testing. The ones that I quite frequently read are Pradeep Soundararajan’s blog (http://testertested.blogspot.com/) and James Bach’s blog (http://www.satisfice.com/blog).

James’s blogs are full of radical thoughts. Sometimes it takes time for me to fully understand his post.

Pradeep’s blog is I would say his real life account of his software testing experiences. I found his blogs to be really motivating. He has put James’s theory in practice and shared with us all.

I found that reading these blogs helps clear many things about software testing. At least at the time being I find it useful in clarifying a few terms that I had listed in my previous post. I would try to gather what others have to say on various terms and post them in this blog.

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Tester Tested! said...

Well famous or infamous, if you are able to teach someone through your experience, it would be great.

I wish you to build this blog into a good enough software testing blog.